World Binary Exchange: Website Review

World Binary Exchange

At first glance, World Binary Exchange seems like any other landing page that advertises a service the general people might not know about. Which is true to an extent, since binary trading is a concept only professionals in this line of work are expected to understand. That being said, World Binary Exchange does succeed in delivering the main points properly. If any website’s main purpose is to garner interest in a viewer, then World Binary Exchange definitely succeeds in doing that. Looking at different aspects of this site from various angles, specifications of a number of important elements can be noticed.

• Design

The best word to describe the design would be smooth. The site has a sleek layout with eye catching graphics. What is especially noticeable is the interactive sliding showcase at the main page of the site. With three tabs inside this slideshow, the viewer is welcomed by animated messages of friendly texts and adorable images. The drawings of the box and the cloud may seem like childish squabble, but that is exactly what makes the website immediately establish itself as an amiable setting.

The softness of the blue background and the litters of pictures amidst the information makes it simply enjoyable to stare at. What’s more, even those with little idea about the concept of binary trading should get some clue, by only going through the design. The flags scattered at the end represent the countries the website can offer services to and from, which is a better way to pinpoint the information instead of a list of the names of the countries.

• Focus

As it should be the case for all public services, World Binary Exchange focuses on the people’s needs before anything else. The entire website, from front to back, is filled with questions and information on how the company can help you, or how it will benefit you. It especially emphasizes on how important dreams are and how it is possible to achieve dreams by joining the world of binary trading. It also manages to build up significant hype surrounding the services and makes the visitor look forward to what more the site has to offer.

One nice thing that can be seen on this site is how none of the focus is on themselves. Not even once does the site try to make itself look better or compare its quality to others. It appears to be selfless and friendly, and completely concentrated on supporting the needs of its potential customers. This is quite a rare trait in modern businesses since most producers and service providers aim to make a profit instead of wholeheartedly helping others. Fear not, since World Binary Exchange is as selfless as they come.

• Writing Style

All the words and sentences are written in a formal yet friendly manner. This is especially noticeable in the questions presented to the visitors of the site, and the simplicity of the language encourages participation further. Some of the questions, especially around the dreams part, are really short and actually half phrases, such as ‘New Car?’, ‘Extended Vacation?’ etc. This is far more effective than writing full sentences since it would have taken up more space. Also, since the writing style compressed the large information into a small number of words, the entire website is enriched with contents with lots of space to spare. This is good for the eyes and increases the overall visual appeal.

Bold and increase in font size can be seen around certain areas, which makes the writing style truly noteworthy. By emphasizing on the amount of money to be made and for “anyone”, these sentences alone are able to attract a lot of random visitors into at least trying out the service once. The difference in font style in interactive menus may seem to contrast with the overall normal font, but the variety of fonts actually go together to create a visually pleasing image. The writing style in the slideshow too, is short and simple, and seen that is the first thing a visitor would usually notice, helps to keep interested visitors hooked into the site until the end.

• Message Effectiveness

Is the overall message of World Binary Exchange effectiveness? To answer that, the amount of information specified must be pinpointed. While it has been already said that the main page does an excellent job in promoting enthusiasm in the visitors, it is also important to note that the menu ‘Packages’ go into the payment plans that are necessary to perform the transaction with the website. This lists a number of options that interested parties can go to, and an exclusive service offer for VIPs only. The bright color coding and the mentioning of the prices greatly help with letting the visitors know how much it is going to cost them, should they choose World Binary Exchange’s services.

The message can be considered to be an effective one due to the way it entices anyone stumbling across the website. The friendly demeanor combines with easy writing to create an effect that is almost soothing, nearly making anyone believe in the effectiveness of the services in return. The ‘Packages’ page also includes a list of the countries which allow the different usages of the variety of option plans. Here, Exchange 24 is offered by the most countries, and is beaten by the special World Exchange option that can be used anywhere in the world.

• Verdict

World Binary Exchange is filled with various interesting bits here and there, so the overall verdict turns out to be a positive one. It does not aim to alienate the ones unaware of binary trading, and keeps up an approaching front that anyone can get used to and receive a number of benefits from. The way it talks about being able to accomplish dreams is quite a nice touch, making it easier for people to like it. For anyone seeking help in the world of binary trading, World Binary Exchange is the website to visit.